Our Promise

To ensure that our customers experience true service excellence through our dedicated and caring team to

  • Change your wealth creation dreams in terms of a home, long term financial security, and short term cash needs into reality
  • Offer through financial products and services protection against the unforeseen
  • Assist to protect you in times of financial turmoil, enabling you timeously to recover from financial difficulties
in such a manner that we will always be your first choice

What MultiNET has to offer you

From Home Loan...to Home. We get the best Home Loan for you

Insurance premiums getting you down, let MultiNET assist you with affordable insurance for your home

By becoming a Multinet Partner, your business will immediately be positioned as a key player in this competitive and rewarding marketplace

From Home Loan...To Home

We have always taken great pride in our commitment to advance the knowledge of the home buyer and bond seeker and to allow them to have access to as much information as possible. We believe that an informed consumer is more capable of making the right choice than an uninformed one when it comes to buying a home and applying for the right home loan. Pre qualifying is made simpler with our very latest affordability calculator. Use your new found knowledge to find the perfect home and allow us to provide you with the perfect home loan.
Need a Home Loan Apply for a Home Loan online. Complete our simple online application and one of our staff will contact you at your convenience. You can also track your application process online.

Have you felt your insurance promised you apples but delivered oranges instead?
A lot of people say "Aag, but that's insurance!". At MultiNET Insurance we say that is NOT insurance. Insurance is an apple for apples comparison that should give you peace of mind. Join MultiNET Insurance and let us provide you with the cover that meets your insurance needs whilst making sure you're fully convered. We will help you understand the in's and out's of insurance and support you on a regular basis to ensure that you continue to enjoy adequate cover.

Introducing MultiNET's Mobile App

MultiNET now offers the latest financial calculators right in the palm of your hand on our new mobile application. All the bond caculators you come to love available 24/7.

  • Find out how much you qualify for based on affordability
  • Calculate what your Bond & Transfer costs will be.
  • Our FAQ will anwser all your Home loan questions.
  • Get quick access to all MultiNET's contact details

Get it now on your favourite App Store

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