Have you felt your insurance promised you apples but delivered oranges instead?

A lot of people say "Aag, but that's insurance!". At Multinet Insurance we say that is NOT insurance. Insurance is an apple for apples comparison that should give you peace of mind. Join Multinet Insurance and let us provide you with the cover that meets your insurance needs whilst making sure you're fully convered. We will help you understand the in's and out's of insurance and support you on a regular basis to ensure that you continue to enjoy adequate cover.

HOC - Home Owners Cover

If you are a home owner you would most definitely need Home Owners Cover Insurance. HOC protects you financially against loss or damage to the actual physical structure of your home from damage caused by fire, flooding, plumbing and natural disasters. If you financed your property then HOC is required.

MPP - Mortgage Payment Protection

Mortgage Payment Protection is life insurance that will help you to pay off your bond in the event of death or to help you when you struggle with your monthly mortgage payments if you weren’t able to work due to illness, accident or forced unemployment.

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