Helping South Africans build their heritage

MultiNET’s 22-year heritage – R165 billion in home loans, 145 000 approved loans, over 250 000 applications

Johannesburg, 22 September 2020 – For many, owning property is part of building a heritage to leave behind. It is a place to put down roots, to grow the family and ensure a firm financial foundation. As SA’s largest independent mortgage bond originator, MultiNET is proud to have been helping South Africans build their familial heritage since 1998.

MultINET provides an original and creative approach to home finance through innovative and energetic business processes that help their customers take charge of their finances. Their business foundation is built on their core values of honesty and transparency, and is the reason they are well placed to assist South Africans in getting the home of their dreams.

MultiNET is a recognised leader in the bond origination industry and as group have seen tremendous growth in their own business.

“Over the last 22 years, we have processed R165 billion in home loans, ensured the approval of over 145 000 loans, and assisted over 250 000 people with their applications,” says MultiNET’s Director Shaun Rademeyer.

“With the average national price for an entry-level home at around ZAR 937,000, with an average medium-size house currently costing around ZAR 1,255,0001, we understand how difficult it might be for people to find the finance to purchase a house. Through our use of smart technology and over 200 highly skilled representatives, we are well placed to make home ownership a reality for more and more South Africans. “

The team at MultiNET are also excited to have seen the growth in home ownership over the last 2 decades and their role in achieving this growth; just 2 years ago, stats showed that of the 15.6 million homes in South Africa, between 38% and 46% were built post 19942.

“As with all businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic presented our industry with a number of challenges, however for the most part, the property industry is one that will continue to prosper. There will always be people buying and selling, and we will always be there to assist buyers through what can feel like a daunting process and to build relationships with people setting out on their property journey,” adds Rademeyer.

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